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Our Supporters

BACE is making a big difference to the lives of ordinary people in rural Gambia.

Our life-transforming work would not be possible without the support and commitment of our volunteers (and you can read more of their stories here) and the incredible support of businesses, schools and organisations that have helped BACE by donating funds, equipment and services.

Please read why some of those generous supporters are helping BACE achieve our objectives:

Oakwood School

netballSimon Potten, head of Oakwood School, Horley, Surrey, writes:

"Oakwood School is delighted to have supported BACE charity this year and the students have enjoyed organising fund-raising events, including a Year 8 bucket challenge, a Year 9 penny chain and a staff netball match.

The trustees and co-founders of BACE have visited the school twice this year, once to meet the students and plan some fund-raising events and then again for the school's Excellence Awards Evening. On this special occasion, we were delighted to welcome Charlotte as guest speaker, together with her mother Tracy and Peter and Francis Mendy.

The school very much values its relationship with BACE and we were delighted to see slides of the projects in The Gambia that have benefitted from our fund-raising. To date, the school has raised £2621.20 and will exceed £3000 by the end of the year.

We will continue to work for BACE next year and are very excited at the prospect of organising a trip to The Gambia in the future".

benenden hospital trust

benenden hospital trustBenenden hospital is pleased to be supporting BACE – and the charity's efforts to set up a health clinic in an impoverished village in The Gambia.

We have been donating our old, redundant equipment, such as wheelchairs, desks, chairs, catheters and surgical packs and we have also donated 2,000 benenden teddy bears and 2,000 pens.

Staff at the hospital have been keen to support BACE too and have donated a range of items including soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary towels, chalks, pencils and blankets.
On hearing about BACE and the wonderful work they do we were keen to do anything we could to help. We were impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the BACE trustees – who include one of our nurses, Charlotte Barnett.

We wish BACE good luck with their health clinic project and future ventures in The Gambia.

Visit the beneden hospital trust by clicking here

Robertsbridge Community College

robertsbridge community collegeFor the academic year 2013-2014, Robertsbridge Community College have decided to support BACE as one of their chosen College charities.

The College has a well-established successful record of fundraising and, having been inspired by the words of ex-pupil Charlotte Barnett at their awards evening in July 2013, the students of the College Council (see attached picture) voted overwhelmingly to raise money for this worthy cause.

Headteacher, Simon Potten, is very keen to develop the multicultural awareness of pupils at the College and recognises that this opportunity to gain an insight into the third world is vital to their understanding.

The efforts to generate funds for BACE have already started in earnest with the College staging a Halloween mufti day on 25 October 2013, with a fancy dress competition being judged at lunchtime in the drama studio.

The College eagerly awaits future visits to this wonderful region to see the impact of their fundraising.

Some of Our Supporters

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