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John and Sue White

whites smallMy wife Sue and I first went to Gambia with BACE in November 2011 to help build a school for a village called Bonsa which was well off the beaten track about 30 miles from the tourist area around Banjul. Children between the age of 3 and 7 could not safely walk the 5 miles across rough country to the nearest school.

What inspired us to do something we would otherwise never have thought of doing was the hands on nature of the project and the enthusiasm of the trustees. As a result we have made many new friends, had a great time being involved in lots of different fund raising events and seen 120 happy Gambian kids welcoming us back to their school; their enthusiasm to learn is amazing.

We also very much liked the idea that all of the money we donated or BACE raised is spent directly on the projects; all volunteers pay for their own travel & accommodation, nothing is lost in administation or overheads.

We are really looking forward to going back this year to start building a clinic which is badly needed to prevent minor ailments or injuries developing into serious, even life threatening conditions and to provide decent conditions for childbirth.

So here we go again; more manual labour mixing concrete & cement, laying blocks and getting covered in dust in 30 degree heat and we will love every moment of it, being inspired by the villagers commitment to help us provide some basic service they would otherwise not have.

John White