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Father Alan Everett - The Parish of St Clement and St James, West London

everett portraitIn February 2011, Francis Mendy came to speak about the work of BACE at our two churches. People responded warmly both to him and to the project - and gave generously to our Lent appeal.

In March 2014, with my wife and two teenage daughters, I experienced the project at first hand, as we helped paint the new health centre.

Telling our congregations about the work of BACE led to an even more successful Lent appeal, and in July 2014 we had a celebration of all that's been achieved in St Clement's church. Francis spoke once more, and we saw the health centre's new borehole and water tower, bought with money donated by people from our parish and other friends.

What these bare facts do not convey is how much we've received from our Gambian link. My family and I loved going out there. There was a fantastic spirit of teamwork, and we really enjoyed meeting people in the BACE local community, and from the village.

I cannot speak highly enough of the project. We are proud to be part of it - and hope to go back out very soon!

– Father Alan Everett